A new generation of Tilburg craft beer

LOC Brewery was established in 2014 by four young souls with the ambition to learn how to brew craft beer, have fun and promote the art of making craft beer. Our aim is not to brew mainstream beers, but to try to explore the world of craft beer making. For us this means we are aiming at making tasty beers, to achieve this we will be working with various ingredients such as fruit, peppers and spices but also with various methods such as aging, blending and infusing. This means that most of our brews only will be available in limited releases and that these releases very well can be one time brews. But don’t worry, we will not be cramming ingredients into our brews just for the sake of it, sometimes a clean recipe will work better

The name LOC Brewery is short for Locomotive, a direct link to the vibrant location of our Brewery. We started pilot brewing in a small room where the former workers of this area used to change clothes before and after work. These days we are brewing in a larger area in the same building. All located in the historical “Spoorzone” in the centrum of Tilburg the Netherlands.

The “Spoorzone” has been a centrum of craftsmanship since the 18th century when the Dutch Railway established one of their main workshops for train repairs, restorations and maintenance. The nature of the work carried out at the workshop required a number of ancillary businesses, such as blacksmiths, woodworkers and other craftsmanship’s.

What better way to honor the century long tradition of craftsmanship in this area then to open a craft brewery!

Our motto is “Drink with mates”, this is our own free translation of the caution text line added to alcohol commercials in the Netherlands “Drink met mate”.

Erwin is our Station Master, the facilitator of our Brewery grounds and of course the ultimate judge to our brews.

Erwin has a long history within the restaurant and entertainment business and will fill the role of Brewery tycoon.

Hailing from Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Erwin has a special fondness of Belgium doubles and triples, but is not shy to try new brews.


Paul is our Chief Mechanical Engineer, working his magic around the Brewery keeping every piece turning.

This master of crafts build our very first Brewing installation based on scrap metal.

Hailing from Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Paul is a beer lover, no matter the style or the color Paul will enjoy it.

Daniel is our Revenue Protection Inspector, educating people on the beauty of craft beer and at the same time trying to keep the expenses manageable.

Ask him about craft beer and watch for the twinkle in his eyes. Daniel’s creativity is shown in our recipes, contributing with his sometimes crazy ideas.

Hailing from Örebro, Sweden.

Daniel has a special fondness of seasoned dark brews, preferable barrel aged.

Roy is our Signal Maintainer, making sure that all our graphics expressions are on point. When Roy works his magic the “word” gets around.

He's also a co-creator of our recipes and although his graphic approach usually is “less is more” his thoughts on the recipes aren't.

Hailing from Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Roy has a special fondness of hoppy beers but never says no to something sour or a thick Russian imperial stout.